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About Us

We are a team of professionals from various business fields coming together to make a difference in society by building the largest centre in London for the disabled & children with special needs.

The centre we are going to build will provide holistic wrap-around support, using up-to-date cutting edge best practices for children with short and long term needs. By bringing all the necessary care and educational support services into one place, we are going to be able to transform hundreds of families lives, and we want you to be part of it.

Foundation MARIA is a social programme driving the realisation of Project FAITH by engaging both individuals and organisations for philanthropic funding. Our partners and sponsors are to help us achieve a social goal as our children are our future.

Those continuously helping Foundation MARIA will be officially announced at our events and presented with the chance to give a speech with reasons behind their generosity. Supporters will also benefit from being mentioned in newspaper articles, social media, and tv. Upon completion of Project FAITH, we are to publicly display the names of those supporters with large or continuous help throughout the process. Therefore, their names will be memorialized in history aiming to admire and inspire those walking in and out of the building.

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- From the people to the people

Our Mission

Foundation MARIA is to work towards the realisation of Project FAITH which is the name standing behind a rehabilitation centre for children with disabilities and special needs.
During the process of fundraising, Foundation MARIA will organise various events aiming to raise awareness about our foundation while providing benefits to the society e.g., free consultation with therapists, informative presentations, and talks about children’s health-related topics.
Foundation MARIA will run campaigns to express gratitude towards those providing large or continuous contributions to our cause while helping us get closer to the realisation of Project FAITH.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build the largest rehabilitation centre in London which will create a better life for children with disabilities and special needs.



We are to bring various settings into one facility which will enable children accessing our services to get holistic wrap-around support, using up-to-date cutting edge best practices for the most effective therapies and treatments available.


After surveys and consultations with both professional and service users, we have evaluated the weak points of therapies provided by other facilities and have produced better and improved service. For instance, hydro facilities with other providers are available on limited days and we are to run those same therapies 5-6 days a week giving the option for intensive treatments. Of course, this is one example from the list of improvements we are to implement with Project FAITH.


With the EMPLOYMENT REWARDING PROGRAM, we are to resolve problems such as long working hours by introducing stress management practices. This newly developed program will enable us to hire some of the best doctors & therapists within the industry. The idea behind this program is to enable access to a better working environment for both medical and non-medical professionals. We believe that when we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.


We have teamed up with insurance providers and financial professionals to introduce a newly developed program that will enable cost affective service to families struggling to afford care. This is to support those families with financial difficulties by providing partial or full coverage of service costs. The program is also designed to act as a relief to NHS funding as we understand how important is to help stabilize this system.


We are to create a research ground and connect scientists and those interested in new discoveries aiming to bring better living to children with neurological and physiological conditions. This program aims not only to open research studies but also to encourage researchers to work on the prevention of some neurological diseases.


We are to host talks, presentations, and consultations with specialists from all around the world using our network of connections. This will enable British children to meet top experts without travelling abroad and that alone will save them a lot of resources. The strategy also consists of running training programs for UK professionals in adopting new methods and practices for better performance and implementation of therapies.


Our facility will provide accommodation to those travelling to attend assessments, consultations, or weekly programs with our specialists. This is to enable easier access to those living far from London but also help the local economy by opening jobs for non-medical professionals. Do more than is required - this is to encourage and inspire those who are trying to find a way around something.


We are to team up with universities which can promote students to volunteer in various programs run by Project FAITH. This is to provide work experience to those interested in pursuing a career in pediatrics or other facility positions. Some of our programs will engage with artists to support our visual, sound, and cognitive therapies which will enable employment opportunities for non-medical professionals interested in working with children.

Project FAITH

Support Us

Every penny from donations will go towards our cause for building Project FAITH. Please note that any event organized and run by Foundation MARIA is happening through funding from independent sponsors and NOT from the donations collected by Foundation MARIA. Your contact details will NOT be shared with any third party and will ONLY be used as a form of correspondence regarding how your donations have been spent and the status of Project FAITH

Frequently Asked Questions

# How to support Foundation MARIA?

We value every attempt at helping us in this mission, therefore we accept financial and non-financial support. You can use the tab for smaller donations and contact us if you want to donate an amount over £5000 or provide non-financial support.

# How do we manage operational costs?

From the moment we started this project, we have promised to be different and transparent. We are to present financial statements and reports which will reflect our expenses as well as our savings score.

# How are my money being used?

Your money is a step closer to the realization of Project FAITH and helping children with disabilities and special needs. We will make a connection with our sponsors and donors to present them with visual and explanatory material on how their money will be distributed.

# How to enter FAITH awards?

Entry to this event will be available only with a personalized invitation sent via mail. Since this event will host public figures including directors of popular brands, politicians, and artists, we are to take strict measures on who can enter. Those invited will be VIP guests and those nominated for FAITH awards. To inquire about your entry please email us with the reasons behind your interest in participating.

# What are the FAITH awards?

Every year we will partner with a brand and organize an event called FAITH awards which will express gratitude to our biggest supporters and celebrate the achievements of Foundation MARIA.

# What are the benefits of becoming a supporter?

In return for your generous help to Foundation MARIA, we will promote your charitable deeds by using our social connections with popular TV shows, top-rated newspapers, and encourage a large audience to tag you on our social media posts. To those with large or continuous support, we nominate them for FAITH awards as well as create a short video including their brand which will be ran on various social media feeds for thousands to see.

# What are the benefits of becoming a sponsor?

Our events will need sponsorship which is separate from the money going towards Project FAITH but is equally important for its existence. Becoming a sponsor will make you a patron of this event with posters and a clear outline of your support during the event. The event will be broadcast through various media outlets for a few weeks after the event itself which will automatically grant you a link of participation that will boost your brand image as our cause is extremely NOBLE. The guests of our events will be public figures with thousands of followers on their social media. Therefore, they will be encouraged to share a post in support of this event with a tag in which our sponsor will be clearly outlined.


During the process of running Foundation MARIA, we will organise theme events aiming to help families and schools working with children with disabilities and special needs. This aims to introduce new inventions as well as methods for improving children’s lives.

Thank you for vising our website and make sure to follow the latest information and upcoming events by downloading our newsletter here.

"We work for the future of children with disabilities & special needs"

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